Web/Apps Localization

A good translation is a minimum


Localizationis a complex process that should not be confused with a "simple" translation process. 111 Studio includes by default a number of services that we find indispensable: advice on cultural content, legal adaptation, but also technical adjustments of websites, Smartphone/Tablet applications or digital books.

Thanks to its trilingual team, 111 Studio sets itself apart by the quality of its translations and also by the use of a network of business experts in charge of proofreading of the final texts.

Localization involves the marketing of your products. In collaboration with the best online PR agencies in Japan, 111 Studio is able to manage your SEO, SEM and SMO policies. 111 Studio’s Social Media Optimization includes setup and update of your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. SMO is strongly enhanced by campaign blogs and online press releases.

In Japanmore than elsewhere, subtle rules must be respected when you show your credentials. In some cases, such as of digital publishing, localization is hit with particularly heavy legal and administrative constraints. Again, 111 Studio is ready to guide you through the process of validation and commercialization. This is further explained in our "Marketing" and "Representation" sections.